Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Moving Realization

It's fascinating after living in the same place for over three years the process in which one must go through to clean up, organize and relocate his possessions.

This has been my summer task and it's in the waning hours...

It's sick: yesterday 5 crates of crap went over to where I'm moving and that was about a third of my cookware.

I've loaded up more today, and still all of it is not gone.

But more importantly:

2 full plastic crates of Booze is in the back of my car. I'm talking hard alcohol (the fridge is still full of beer, champagne, Cognac and Jager).

Like 30 bottles of various libations (5 different brands of Vodka). Am I an alcoholic?

12 Martini Glasses, Close to 20 wine glasses, 10 Collins Glasses, 6 Lowballs, and 16 Tumblers. Was a I running a bar and unconscious through it this whole time? Let's not forget the 8 Double shot glasses. (Yes I love Crate and Barrel)

Moving is a fascinating process. It's time for a drink.