Sunday, June 12, 2005

Who said that the Guards at Gitmo don't have a sense of humor.

We all experienced the uproar after their were reports regarding the desecration of the Koran by interrogators in Cuba.

But now they have gone too far....

Time Magazine is reporting that in an effort to extract information from the terrorist detainees in Cuba, the detainees are being subjected to an abomination that must be in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

I speak of the torture that is subjecting these individuals to the 'musical' attempts of none other than Christina Aguilera.

By starting with her early works, it is likely that the terrorists thought that she was a preview of their 70 virgins only to discover that Ms. Aguilera was 'Dirrty' and anything but 'Beautiful.'

Because these victims were in a state of disgust, they could not prevent themselves from divulging everything that they knew about ongoing terrorist operations.

This interrogation technique, dubbed Operation Lady Marmalade, has spawned several additional methods that will be used in the future by using the recording catelogues of Mariah Carey, RuPaul, and K.D. Lang.