Sunday, May 29, 2005

My Top 8 Reasons why I wanted Danica Patrick to win the Indy 500

Today, I spent the better part of the afternoon, on the edge of my seat, hoping to see a 5 foot, 100 lb. woman make history. I did see her make history and she almost won the whole thing along the way. Besides history, there were other reasons:

8. Watching a man call a women's weight an 'unfair advantage' is truly a shining example of shivalry, class, and gentlemanly gamesmanship.

7. The TV coverage had to pay attention to things other than tire heat, gas pressure, Brent Mushburger, the Andretti Family bad luck, and well, the race itself

6. She works for David Letterman, all Jay Leno has is Kevin Eubanks; I think Paul Schaeffer might want to start filling out his resume

5. She is a role model to women be better drivers; now only if they watched IRL racing so that they could follow her example.

4. She's hot. (She FHM for clarification)

3. She gave a reason to watch the entire, 200 lap, 500 mile race for reasons that did not include hoping for an accident.

2. She caused an accident. Kept Racing. And still led the race with 10 laps to go

I Believe that NASCAR fans everywhere can agree:
1. She's not Jeff Gordon.