Monday, February 21, 2005

The Supreme Court on President's Day

Kennedy: Spends the Day writing lyrical odes regarding the President that appointed him to the bench and then posts them on his blog (

Souter: Runs for his Condo associations Presidency, loses

Scalia: Lunch with the President regarding the upcoming vacancy in the Court. Interrupted when W comes in and asks Dick where the crayons are.

Breyer: Dinner plans with co-Presidents Ben and Jerry

Ginsburg: Lunch with the President. She and Al have great talks about the difference between hanging chad and lethally injecting Chad.

Stevens: He and President Ford both discuss the amazing benefits of ascending to office of immense power without ever having been voted for by the public.

Rehnquist: Talks to Reagan who tells him 5 simple words: Breathe in, Breathe out, repeat

O'Connor: President's Day Sale at Talbot's

Thomas: Using Photoshop to create catchy Antonin in '08 campaign materials